SEVG is a recognized leader in colonoscopy screening, minimally invasive endoscopy and in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal (GI) diseases and liver disorders. We are one of the few centers that can offer a full range of digestive health services.

SEVG also understands that digestive disorders can have both a physical and emotional impact on your quality of life. When you visit SEVG you’ll find a friendly, welcoming environment and a caring and attentive care team. The Valley’s leading gastroenterologists will consult with you, listen, and provide you with the expert treatment and follow-up care you need.

SEVG gastroenterologists and providers work together; we collaborate with each other, with you and with your primary care providers. This patient-centered approach is carefully designed to meet your unique needs. From routine issues to complex problems we combine our experience and expertise with advanced technology, state-of-the-art treatments and compassionate care.

Whether you’re ready to schedule your colorectal cancer screening or have an existing digestive condition, our locations, facilities and fast, flexible scheduling make SEVG expertise convenient and easily accessible so you can get back to being you.