sandeepDr. Sandeep Patel awarded Dignity – Chandler Regional Medical Center Doctor of the Month
Dr. Patel has received the Physician of the Month award for his kindness and compassion, and for going above and beyond to ensure his patients receive the best possible care, even if it’s not from him.
Every week Dr. Patel performs endoscopy procedures on patients from across the state of Arizona. They are often facing life-threatening illnesses and are here to learn their fate. Dr. Patel’s nominator has “consistently observed Dr. Patel deliver the news, whether good or bad, with the utmost in compassion and respect. He always speaks clearly, in layman’s terms so the information is understood.” Dr. Patel sometimes draws pictures to help the family and patient in comprehending the news, and takes time to have his office coordinate subsequent care for the patient, providing efficient, thorough direction.
His nominator says Dr. Patel is “always supportive and kind. He exemplifies our Principles of Behavior and I am proud to work alongside him.”