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Preempting Colorectal Cancer Study


SEVG is participating in a two year study as a commitment  to research that can help you, your family and the communities we serve. “Millions avoid their recommended colorectal cancer (CRC) screening every year… This study will validate a blood test that may detect – or prevent – colorectal cancer through a simple blood test.” [...]

Preempting Colorectal Cancer Study2020-11-05T17:50:25-07:00

Dr. Manish Amin at the Shea Medical Center Scottsdale COVID-19 Testing Station


Despite temperatures in the 110s, Dr. Manish Amin was out on the front lines at Shea Medical Center Scottsdale testing station. “Community testing is vital to reducing the spread of COVID-19 in Arizona and we greatly appreciate the help from the National Guard, and our local hospitals. SEVG is a major partner in the healthcare [...]

Dr. Manish Amin at the Shea Medical Center Scottsdale COVID-19 Testing Station2020-07-30T11:49:04-07:00

Dr. Sandeep Patel – Top Doctor 2020


All your SEVG physicians are simply the best of the best and this year Dr. Sandeep C. Patel has received an additional accolade - he is a 2020 Top Doc! Each year Phoenix Magazine surveys over 500 physicians from around the Valley and Dr. Patel has again won the coveted Top Doc award - for [...]

Dr. Sandeep Patel – Top Doctor 20202020-04-09T08:19:59-07:00

Dr. Sandeep Patel is named 2017 Phoenix Magazine Top Doctor


"Dr. Sandeep C. Patel  of Southeast Valley Gastroenterology (SEVG) was named by PHOENIX Magazine as a 2017 Top Doctor. This is the 3rd time in the past 7 years that Dr. Patel has been named by PHOENIX Magazine to the Top Doctors list. He is a board certified gastroenterologist and has become one of the leading providers [...]

Dr. Sandeep Patel is named 2017 Phoenix Magazine Top Doctor2019-04-19T16:57:23-07:00

Symptoms and treatment options for IBS.


Very few people seek help for IBS. Although about 20 per cent of Americans show signs of IBS, only one in five of those with symptoms seek help (Mayo Clinic).  We all expect to sometimes have an “upset stomach” or gas pain, but if it persists it may be a sign of something more that [...]

Symptoms and treatment options for IBS.2019-04-19T16:46:55-07:00

Pancreatitis – A Painful Experience


Gallstones and their link to Pancreatitis.  Gallstones have become increasingly prevalent in the United States due to the fact they are common in people who are overweight, eat too much fat, and eat too little fiber. But did you know that they are often the cause of pancreatitis? The tiny stones, or the sludge they [...]

Pancreatitis – A Painful Experience2015-11-04T03:00:09-07:00

Decreasing Your Risk of Colon Cancer


There are many dietary and lifestyle changes you can make to decrease your risk of colon cancer, as listed below, but a timely screening is also very important. If you are concerned about your risk of colon cancer, start making the changes outlined below, and schedule an appointment for a evaluation. Increase fiber from natural [...]

Decreasing Your Risk of Colon Cancer2019-04-19T17:19:13-07:00

How to Evaluate your Heartburn Symptoms


Often after a heavy meal, many people experience heartburn, a burning sensation in the chest that can be worse when bending over or lying down. If these symptoms persist for too many days in a row, or become more severe, it is possible that there is something more going on in your digestive tract. Sometimes [...]

How to Evaluate your Heartburn Symptoms2019-04-19T16:48:44-07:00

Screening Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer Prevention


What is colorectal cancer? Colorectal cancer is a term that refers to cancer in which has developed in the colon or rectum. These cancers are sometimes referred to separately as colon cancer or rectal cancer, depending on where they start. The two share many different features. Signs & symptoms of colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer may cause [...]

Screening Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer Prevention2019-04-19T17:15:27-07:00

FAQ: Colonoscopy


What is the colon? The colon (large bowel or large intestine) is the last portion of your digestive (gastrointestinal) tract. The colon is a hollow tube about 5 feet long that starts at the end of the small intestine and ends at the rectum and anus. Its main function is to store unabsorbed food waste [...]

FAQ: Colonoscopy2015-06-30T22:39:17-07:00
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